Saturday, September 17, 2011


THEY looked alike, sounded alike and to many it appeared that the bond between the twins was stronger than ever.
But now almost four years since Wasel Ali was found dead on a secluded dirt path, his brother Wael has been busted for his murder.
The pair were last seen together in August 2007, when Wasel was fired from his job at a retail store in a Columbia, MD after he admitted that he was involved in scheme to steal clothes.
Surveillance video at the mall showed them inside the mall around 6:45 p.m., but then walking in opposite directions and leaving at opposite ends of the building.
Wael Ali was seen driving off in his car while Wasel Ali was seen leaving the mall on foot.
Cops told the Washington Post Wael Ali's whereabouts were unaccounted for in the 25 minutes after the two left the mall.
But then, he allegedly called a friend, distraught and saying his brother had gone "missing."
Police say he drove to a friend's house and according to witnesses, was "frantic" and "crying" about his brother being missing.
They added that he asked friends to help him look for his brother, but said he had already searched the area where Wasel Ali's body would later be found.
An autopsy showed he died from a neck injury. 
Wael set up a memorial page on Facebook where he lamented that they'd never spend time together again.
He said: "Nobody deserves to be murdered."
Cops remained tight lipped on what led them to believe that the twin had killed his brother, but they picked up Wael who had been living in  Marietta, Ga., was arrested Thursday by the Cobb County, Georgia Sheriff's Office.

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