Monday, September 12, 2011


AFTER attending church that morning the mother and daughter happily skipped off the store for an ice cream cone and a pack of cigarettes.  But after making a phone call from the Pearce, AZ store, neither Danielle or Dorothy Pitcher have been seen again since that May 1993 day. 
Despite an extensive search, no sign of the pair was ever found again, although search dogs did pick up a scent along the highway, which abruptly stopped, prompting investigators to believe that they may have been picked up by a vehicle. 
To date, two suspects have been picked up and interviewed, although both were released as was Dorothy's husband after he passed a polygraph. 
He died in 1998. Dawn Pitcher, however refuses to give up hope and friends and family continue to run this website in memory of the pair and
the hope that one day someone who knows something will come forward.
She said: "In my heart of heart I know their not living. But there's always a little bit of you that hopes they'll come back. We want to put it to rest."
Anyone with information, even if they don't want it to go to police can contact:

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