Friday, September 30, 2011


HE WAS a humble taxi driver doing the graveyard shift, when a mysterious murderer hopped into the back of his cab.
Bobby Adam's body had never been found, but his vehicle was covered in blood near his Charleston, WV and cops believe that 20-years ago he was the victim of a horrifically violent crime.
"People don't lose that much blood and survive," said Charleston Police Sgt. Bobby Eggleton told The State Journal.  
At the time, police knew only that the cab's passenger was a white man in his 40's, with blond hair and while over the years that have had suspects and persons of interest and even rumored locations of remains, none of them provided a body or charges.
But cops are refusing to give up on the case and have vowed to carry on investigating until they bring their killer to justice.
"DNA technology is progressing all the time," said one source close to the investigation.
"It's catching people who'd long thought they'd got away with their crimes and we're hopeful that someone or something will help us catch a break.
"We will not rest easy and neither should the killer."
C&H Taxi services made changes, too. They've updated their technology, including installing cameras inside of cabs and at the office to avoid similar situations.
C&H CEO Jeb Corey, who owned the cab Adams was driving, has also updated their technology, which he claims makes it: "Extremely difficult to get away with anything."
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Charleston Police Department at 320-348-6480.

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