Thursday, September 1, 2011


HER disappearance more than two decades ago is a complete mystery, but Sabrina Long's family are refusing to give up hope that someone will come forward with information about what happened. Back in August 1991, the gorgeous 19-year-old vanished from her stepfather's home in Bloomfield, AZ, never to be seen again after working a late shift. Her last words to her mother were: "I love you" 
Long's aunt, Janice Dowling, who last month started this Facebook page in memory of her niece.
She told WMAZ: "Until you find a body, or somebody says something, there's always hope. Realistically, no, we don't think she's still alive."
But she added that the responses they'd received still gave them hope that someone would come forward.
She said: "It gives us hope that somebody who knows something may come forward after all these years."
A Georgia Bureau of Investigation case on the missing woman's disappearance has gone cold, Special Agent Jerri Lynn Coody said. Though they are still actively investigating, she said, there have been no leads or clues in a "substantial" amount of time, and that's what makes the case cold.
If you have any information about Sabrina Long's case, you can contact the GBI at 478-987-4545.

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  1. Bloomfield AZ? I thought she disappeared from GA.