Thursday, September 22, 2011


A SON'S refusal to give up on his mom's 1982 murder, finally paid off and cops believe that thanks to his persistence they finally have their man.  
Amy Hurst’s body was found wrapped in an afghan and tied to the block 27 miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico almost forty years.
But with no clue as to who she was, she was classified as a Jane Doe and buried.
The body was exhumed in 2001 in an unrelated investigation and classified as a homicide by blunt force.
Then in 2009 Amy's son Jeff Early, learned about the body through the doe network and thought it matched the description of his mother.
Then in July 2011, after a series of forensic tests the Pasco Sheriff’s Office announced that the body had been positively identified as that of Amy Hurst.
They now believe her killer was actually her husband at the time, William Gary Hurst and now they've charged him.
Back in 1982, her kids were living with their father in Michigan when Amy Hurst was reported missing.
Authorities say when they asked William what happened to her, he told them she left him.
Hurst is awaiting extradition to Florida.

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