Monday, September 19, 2011


ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1957 Dorothy Thomas was stabbed to death at the dry cleaners where she worked in Tallahassee, Florida--no one has been brought to justice for the crime. The pretty 27-year-old brunette was an employee of Nu Way Cleaners on Tennessee Street at the time. Cops believe that between 9 and 10 a.m. she was murdered. A deliveryman later discovered her body, a bloody mess stashed in a washroom. She was the only employee working at the time and cops say there was evidence a customer was in the business just before she was killed. She was ten dragged from the front area of the business to the bathroom where she was stabbed. Evidence discovered at the scene linked the heinous crime to a particular suspect. He is still alive and today lives free in another state.
Anyone having information on this case is encouraged to contact the Major Case Assessment Team at (850) 891-4462 or (850) 891-4745.

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  1. If there was evidence, why wasn't he arrested? Who was this person,why was he allowed to go free? I have inquired about this case as a family member/she was my Aunt and I was named after her. We inquired various times over the years but nobody had answers. It would have been nice to have closure for her family that have since passed away, and those of us still wondering who would do something so horrible to out one.Still looking for answers.