Tuesday, September 13, 2011


THE DISTRAUGHT mom of missing Natalee Holloway urged parents to make sure their kids are safe, to avoid the heartache she had been through.
Beth Holloway who founded the International Safe Travels Organization after her daughter's presumed death, recalled the last phone call before Natalee packed for 2005 spring break in Aruba.
"I just told her I loved her," she said.
However she refused to comment on her daughter's supposed killer Joran Van Der Sloot, who's trial for the murder of young Peruvian Stephany Flores, 21, may again be delayed.

She told WMBF: "It was in June 2005 that I made the commitment early on to the authorities and officials handling Natalee's case that I would do everything I could in order to share the hard lessons we had learned to help others hopefully avoid experiencing the nightmare that we did.
"I just try to focus on the work that need to be done and the lives that need to be reached."
Holloway, who as well as writing the book "Loving Natalee" is now presenting a Cable TV show about other unsolved cases added that protecting children from those who would prey on their innocence was her prime aim.
She said: "Children learn things about the world around them and are empowered. That's what makes hope real. It is when you do something and that hope becomes real and it becomes tangible."

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