Tuesday, September 20, 2011


BIZARRE. Two scientists cops believe are involved in the 2007 mysterious disappearance of a Michigan mister made it seem as if he had never existed. There was no witnesses, DNA, fingerprints or murder weapons. They were desperate and greedy. All there was left was there only pinheaded stupidity. A week later one of the piss poor crooks tried to use Don Dietz's bank card. Whoops. Rami Saba and Raogo Ouedraogo, two biologists with young families and clean records, were convicted of kidnapping and fraud earlier this year, according to The Detroit News.
Saba, 39, a failed lab researcher at Michigan State University, will be sentenced
Wednesday in federal court in Grand Rapids. Ouedraogo, 41, a lab researcher at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, will be sentenced in November. Both men face up to life in prison.
Dietz, 66, was a retired Amway mailroom worker from and he didn't like to spend money. His boots were patched with duct tape and he only got a haircut twice a year. He owned a '97 Saturn sedan but, to save money, drove his red Schwinn everywhere, even in winter. Residents called him the Bicycle Man.
But he was sitting on a tidy nest egg of $444,000. Saba had just joined Banker's Life as an insurance agent. A cold call led to tragedy. MORE IN THE DETROIT NEWS

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