Thursday, September 15, 2011


WE GUESS he just kinda forgot. For years a murdered woman's body went unidentified. Of course, her hubby never reported her missing. Now, everything is about to change.
Fumiko Simoneau disappeared in 2007 from San Diego and her body was found days later in the Anza Borrego desert. However, a search warrant affidavit claims her husband kept talking to people as if she were alive. Here's where it gets interesting: Anthony Simoneau, had filed for divorce back in 2002, then suddenly withdrew those papers soon after Fumiko
inherited a small fortune from relatives in Japan.
Simoneau then embarked on on a meathead shopping spree buying: four Land Rovers, four boats, a Hummer and a motorcycle. Then Fumiko went missing. her family said the last time they talked to her was in January 2007. An unidentified body was found in the desert two months later. Now, DNA has confirmed it was Fumiko. One former friend of Anthony Simoneau called him "a con artist, a liar and evasive," telling investigators he witnessed Simoneau threatening Fumiko "if you ever try and leave me I will kill you." He has also defrauded other Japanese women apparently and even took his father for $140,000. He's now in Hawaii--under supervision. THE BIZARRE CASE OF ANTHONY SIMONEAU

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