Tuesday, September 6, 2011


IT WAS a horror show in 1965 and it's a horror show today. Anne Rubenstein and her 11-year-old daughter Mae were viciously murdered in Highland Park, New Jersey and 46 years later, cops still have few answers--although the family hopes the long arm of justice will catch the killer.
Niece Aviva LaGasse Rubenstein told the NEW JERSEY STAR-LEDGER: "It is something that has never really left the minds of anyone in our family. It also really changed the innocence of Highland Park." Despite many reviews over the years, no one has ever been able to make sense of the senseless.
On Feb. 13, 1965, Mae, a Grade 6 student, was alone in her parents’ home while her dad Robert, and brother, Elihu, were working at the Star Lumber Co. Anne Rubenstein was food shopping.But when Anne came home she was greeted by the scene of Mae, slashed and
dying in her own home. Anne confronted the attacker and, like her daughter, was savagely stabbed. The Middlesex County medical examiner determined Rubenstein was stabbed with a long-blade kitchen knife some 35 times. Mae suffered 15 stab wounds and her jugular vein was slashed.
Anne was lying in a pool of blood in the foyer, which showed signs of a desperate scuffle. She was still wearing her heavy winter coat, and loaves of bread were scattered on the floor. It does not appear that robbery or sex assault was the motive. The family believes it was mistaken identity. For more click the link above.

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