Thursday, September 22, 2011


JOHN BENJAMIN KENNEDY is a piece of work. And now, he is on trial for the sickening 1976 murder of a 17-year-old waitress in Oklahoma City. Detectives believe the 56-year-old convicted killer murdered Virginia Grace Kegans on Oct. 25, 1976. He was arrested last year after DNA linked him to the crime. It had come from the 1978 mutilation murder of a 15-year-old hooker. But now, prosecutors need to determine if there is enough evidence to go forward.
 According to The Oklahoman, the case was so old that some police reports and evidence was missing. But yesterday, an old friend of Kennedy's told the court: he kept the knife in a sheath in his car and also
carried a gun in a holster.  Jenny White, 57, said she "first saw the rifle when Kennedy dared me to ride in his trunk during a 1976 outing to a lake with two others, including my twin sister."
Kegans, was shot in the head and her throat was cut, cops said. She left a boyfriend's apartment at 4 a.m., Oct. 25, 1976, to hitchhike back to Oklahoma City. Phillip Hanlin was also originally a suspect. He admitted having sex with her the day her body was found.
Hanlin said: “Grace could not wait for a ride … she said she would hitchhike back home … and left about 4 a.m." Her body was found under a bridge that afternoon on the North Canadian River. This resumes in November. CONVICTED KILLER CARRIED A KNIFE, GUN

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