Tuesday, September 13, 2011


SHE ASKED FOR A JOINT. And he killed her. Nearly 30 years ago Angela Baskin, 22, met Richard Walker, a then 28-year-old trucker outside the Villa Inn Motel in Springfield, Missouri. He told cops that she had asked him for some marijuana and he had said no. She allegedly came up behind him and touched him. Walker spun around and stabbed her to death and he said he thought it was someone trying to hurt him. A the time of the slaying in 1982, he was widely suspected as the killer. He was serving time in a Colorado prison for another sexual assault when two years ago, a detective reopened the file and then he got a confession.
According to KY3 TV: A prosecutor says Walker was born in St. Louis.  Walker's sister said he grew up in Springfield, however, and graduated from high school here.  At the time of the murder, prosecutors say, he was an over-the-road trucker who was working for a company based here and was staying at the Villa Inn Motel for the night as he passed through the city on a trip.
Walker said at his sentencing: "I'm sorry this happened. I wish I could take it back.  I know what it's done to her family for all these years." 1982 ANGELA BASKIN HOMICIDE FINALLY CLOSED

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