Monday, September 5, 2011


JAQUILLA SALES was just 4 when she was snatched from her grandmother's Wichita, Kansas home on Sept. 5, 2011. Despite an intense search at the time hundreds of cops and volunteers went door to door using dogs but it was as if the little girl had vanished into thin air.
Det. Tim Relph said: "It is really very unique. It's the only missing child that we've had that we haven't recovered one way or the other." Despite dwindling tips, cops are still searching for a solution. The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children has released an age progression photo of Jaquilla.  It’s what she would look like today at 14 years old. Cops have hinted that they believe the girl could be alive.
Her mom Eureka is not giving up hope: "I always have faith that she is alive somewhere, somewhere she's alive. I know she is, I feel it in my heart that she is." Cops say finding children alive after missing for years does happen--although it's rare.  They point to the cases of Jaycee Duggard, Sean Hornbeck and most recently Carlina White who was found 23 years after she was kidnapped. 
 Some people thought a family member had taken Jaquilla, hoping to give her a better life. There were suggestions Jaquilla might have been molested and whoever was hurting her took her to shut her up.

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