Monday, September 19, 2011


SHE IS dead and maybe lost to the ages. For 16 years, the woman known as "Jane Doe 1995" or for some, U-853071055, has been unidentified and crying out for justice. The dead woman became the public's conscience in the suburbs of Philadelphia July 11, 1995. State troopers were called first. The discovery was sickening: female body parts stuffed inside a suitcase. It was her upper body, a torson wrapped in a sheet then put inside a plastic quilt bag, bound with wire and placed in a green garbage bag.
Chester County DA at the time, Anthony Sarcione, remains troubled by the case: “I remember that case very well. It haunts me regularly…It was a grisly discovery once we opened the suitcase. These things are forever embedded in my mind. That case was one of the most haunting cases I dealt with as DA. I
can’t just put some of those images I saw there out of my mind…It was one of the most gruesome scenes I’ve had to view in my career of over 25 years in law enforcement.”
There was no evidence Jane Doe 1995 was raped or strangled but had had a couple drinks before she died. Women’s clothing found inside the suitcase included a light-blue denim shirt with a collar, long sleeves, copper-colored buttons and light-colored bands across the chest and back as well as a denim skirt and other clothing. There was NOTHING to identify her.
She could have been as old as 40 or as young as 17. Maybe she was Hispanic, Maybe she was Eastern European. She was between 4' 11" and 5'3" inches tall and weighed between 120 and 140 lbs.

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