Monday, September 19, 2011


ON CHRISTMAS DAY 1987, Heiderose Ursula McGuire went to work at the Circle K convenience store in Denver, Colorado and was never seen alive again. At the time, her brother told her the job was not safe but the 18-year-old beauty and recent high school grad was undeterred. But just in case, she had found another day job and studying accounting at a local college. Her family said she was trusting According to the Denver Post, on Dec. 23, 1987, two days before her last day at the Circle K,
Heide disappeared. It was a snowy night, her sister said.
Donald Venell, a Circle K customer, had asked for a ride home. Witnesses would see him walking to Heide’s car. Vennell would later tell cops hat Heide did drive him to his house. He claimed she came inside the house for a short time and he gave her a soft drink. Then she left and he knew nothing else. Five days after Heide vanished, her car, a 1978 Chevrolet Monza, was found in a ditch. It looked all wrong. Then, on Valentine’s Day, two fox hunters discovered Heiderose's body in a field about 50 yards off the road, only 2 miles from where she lived with her brother. She had been hit in the ehad with a blunt object. Venell is dead and the case is cold.  MORE FROM THE DENVER POST

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