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I-45 from Houston to Galveston, Texas is the bloodiest stretch of highway in America. Now, a new movie called Texas Killing Fields is in theaters. However, here are the basics on the murders that have haunted the area for decades. Just 50 miles long, over the past 38 years nearly 40 women and young girls have been murdered or vanished along this highway.
Their bodies have been dumped in fields, parks and the many bodies of water in the area, usually in a sickening state. As of today, the killer is still on the loose.
And detectives admit, they’re no closer to catching him—although scientific advances could finally the macabre dance of death. He first struck June 17, 1971. Colette Wilson, 13, had been dropped off from school band practice by the conductor at a bus stop. The young girl seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. Five months later her nude body was discovered 40 miles away.
She died of a single gunshot wound to the head and her flute was never located.
“I sometimes wonder what it would be like if Colette hadn’t died,’ her sister Alice Killough says, adding the girl’s death drove her dad to an early grave at 42.
‘She’d have her own children now.’
Two weeks later the killer struck again. Brenda Jones, 14, disappeared while walking to Galveston General Hospital—right off I-45—to visit a sick relative.
Her body was found the next day floating in Galveston Bay, a slip crammed into her mouth and dead of a head wound.
Gloria Gonzales, 19, disappeared on October 28, 1971 from near her home in Houston. Her corpse was found several days later—less than 35 yards from where Collette’s body had been found.
Before bloody 1971 was over three more girls would be dead. Alison Craven, 12, disappeared November 9, her body found four months later. Debbie Ackerman, 15, and her friend Maria Johnson, both 15, went to the mall November 11.
Their bodies were found floating in the water two days later, both shot in the back of the head, their feet and hands bound.
For nearly 40 years, the agony of loved ones has continued like an insidious twist of the knife.
Still no justice.
‘We’ve got no suspects, no closure and we’ve still got a serial killer walking around some place,’ says Tim Miller.
Miller’s 16-year-old daughter, Laura Lynn, disappeared in 1984 and for the distraught dad, the years have been agonizing.
‘It’s been a living hell,’ he says, wiping away tears.
As the years then decades passed, the carnage continued—and still no peace.
Who is the maniac stalking, raping, killing and beheading the women of south Texas?
Police fear there may even be even more than a single serial killer in the area.
Some—including notorious serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, who boasted of murdering more than 300 people in a 40-year rampage—have confessed to the slayings.
Lucas is dead now but detectives believe their man is still lurking, waiting, ready to kill again.
Criminal profiler John White believes the killer is a white male between the ages of 55 and 60.
‘He’s big and he’s strong, he’s an opportunist who picks girls using payphones at convenience stores,’ White says.
‘This murderer grabs and snatches or tricks them.’
The profiler adds the killer is above normal intelligence who drives a dark-coloured pick-up truck.
‘Two of the most gruesome mutilation murders where the girls were decapitated or their hands cut off were located in almost the exact same spot—26 years later,’ White says.
‘He beats them, then tortures them. And for almost 40 years, he’s gotten away with murder.’
Sandra Rambler disappeared from her home in 1983 and has not been seen since. Just 14, she left behind her purse and a new coat her father bought her.
‘She wanted to be a model,’ her dad Alton Rambler says.
‘I last saw her before I went to work. I remember teasing her for picking at some food on my plate, she was happy,’ he says.
But when he came home, the door was open and Sandra was gone. Her body has not been found and police believe she was murdered.
A dog discovered the body of cocktail waitress Heidi Villareal Fye, 23, carrying her skull to a nearby house.
She had vanished six months earlier walking to use the payphone at the same convenience store where Laura Miller disappeared.
“Many of these girls had the same look, the same hairstyle, were close to the same age, were on foot and their bodies found near water,’ says Det. Att Wingo, who worked on a number of the probes.
‘A lot of the detectives thought they knew who did it—they just couldn’t prove it.’
As the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, the body count continued to mount.
Because many rootless people roam in and out of the Texas Gulf Coast area, a substantial number of the victims lie nameless in a chilly morgue.
The name ‘Jane Doe’ the only hint they walked through this life.
The area also has a high number of registered sex offenders.
And the families’ agony goes on.
And on.
Krystal Jean Baker, 13, disappeared March 15 1996.
The pretty teen was last seen using a telephone at a Texas City convenience store—like many of the other victims.
Several hours later fishermen found her sexually ravaged body. Krystal had been beaten and strangled to death.
The girl looked like Marilyn Monroe—her great aunt, Norma Jean Baker.
Her mum Monetta remains haunted.
“Someone is doing this when we least expect it and enjoying getting away with it right under our noses,’ she says.
‘This could happen to anyone’s child. Every time I see kids using that same pay phone, I just shudder.
‘There’s a crazy man out there who has no heart. I can’t understand why anyone would deliberately want to hurt my baby.’
He struck again in April 1997.
This time the victim was Laura Kate Smither, 12.
The aspiring ballerina vanished while jogging near her home.
Seventeen grim days later her body was found on the edge of a pond near I-45—she was nude except for one sock and a ring.
She had been decapitated.
And like in a number of other cases the only clue police had to go on was the dark pickup truck.
Laura Kate’s dad Bob believes the killer is a sadistic genious.
‘These were girls weren’t stupid. Not just any stranger could beckon them into a car,’ he says.
As the 1990s came to a close, the killing machinery seemed to slow down.
Fewer bodies were being found—and they were unrelated to the I-45 killer. Had he gone dormant? Was he in jail?
Or was he dead?
The graveyards and morgues of south Texas are filled with the monster’s twisted handiwork.

Det. Jared Stout compared unraveling the riddle to ‘solving a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle which is 3-D with ill-defined boundaries and all shades of colour but no shapes.’
“The world isn’t big enough for us not to find such a killer. But sometimes it seems like Star Trek... and whoever did this was beemed up to the enterprise.”


  1. I got lucky in 1991...I was hitchhiking on 45 & got a ride from this man...I was joking around & having a good time w/him & putting out my good energy...he told me,"u know what? I like u,u have a great personality", then he rubbed his hand along my leg & I told him "pull the fk over, I'm outta here...", he didn't want me 2 go, but I jumped out...after everything that has been said & done...I am one of the one's that got away!

    1. If you think you really escaped this predator then do your part to save some innocent child and give the police a description of the man!

    2. If you are being truthful, i applaud your quick-wittedness. If you are lying, you are distracting those who have been murdered by this terrible person

    3. I am completly terrified how can people who are trained to find theses sick people not find them im so far away from texas but is my daughter safe?

    4. Jeannie, write again...let me hear more of the story.


  2. I want to believe you. But it sounds like you're too proud of your story. I have work real victims and they do not tell their stories of escaping a violent end such as you do

  3. I agree with Mr.Tillery.. I have worked with many victims and the story never comes easy, most are afriad to speak....

  4. This rings so closely to the Juarez Mexico unsolved missing,raped and murdered girls, has been goin on for about as many years too.

  5. This rings so closely to the Juarez Mexico unsolved missing,raped and murdered girls, has been goin on for about as many years too.

  6. These killings arnt related. texas has always been a violent place where they tried to exterminate Indians and Blacks. Why should these be any different

    1. Because all of the women were similar in age and appearance and in the manner in which they were killed and how the bodies were disposed. That usually rings true of a serial killer, not a random killing, or just plain violence.

    2. err, ok dumb dumb, your next then yes ?? hmm, understanding considering ones attitude.. not a reasonable breathing exercise for reading let alone posting, after all, not indeed not, an intelligible answer, is it. secondly, they were, C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. GROWING INTO THEIR TEENAGER YEARS, AS SEXUALLY SPEAKING, THEIR ORGANS WOULD NOT, BE AS A 2 MONTH OLD, BUT DEVELOPED TO THE GROWING, AS IT OBVIOUSLY DOES TO THE SECOND GROWTH. don't get exited fool... just, the facts, as is. so, considering they were sexually abused, and killed, then obviously, its an answer, and just to clarify to your un educated mentality to put you Right, and to thankfully reach to theirs to read and also, know and agree as in reading also, you pathetic degenerated fool..

  7. If I am not mistaken didn't they find a guy that use to work for the space center? They matched him up to a few of the girls. With everything that they doing these days they should be able to solve this.

    1. No, the poor guy they were trying to pin it on didn't do it. His name has been slandered. I am the daughter of retired police officers and I've picked up some cop smarts. This serial killer would have to be around 60, have patience, charm, a Grandfather type, perhaps he portrays himself as an invalid in need of help. You would think the way science has evolved, they would have caught him by now. My thought on the matter is that he has no criminal record.

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    3. Couldn't be 60 y.o. for 30 years they say they have been dumping bodies.

  8. Is the guy in the picture a suspect or relative of a victim? He looks like someone who lives near me.

  9. You see, I lived near the Galveston area. I had no idea about these murders until my father, who is a psychologist, told me about several killings, rapes, and tortures that were discovered. I was intrigued by this and began extensive research. While Texas is violent at times, every place is. This is the work of a true genius, someone who must have had years of planning and finds thrill in getting away with doing evil things. He most likely finds adventure in this and i would suggest that he may have suffered from traumatic experiences as a child. As for the decapitations, he must keep them as trophies, no? Trophies are meant to remind us of past experiences and feats and give us that feeling of remembrance. That being said, I believe this serial killer is smart enough to realize his age and i believe he is "handing in the towel" so to speak.

  10. Tramautic experiences as a child???? Give me a break! I'm so fed up with that excuse...I had a Tramautic childhood and I'm still undergoing therapy 13 years later...I'm not about to go kill someone because I have PTSD thanks to my parents!

  11. One man's laugh at stress may be another man's breaking point. We are all different and experience trauma different. Not one of our experiences, no matter how similar, are ever the same.

  12. It is not plausible to say there is just one person responsible for all of this, and it surprises me to see that written in black and white.
    There is more then one killer, no doubt about that. Maybe a few serials, maybe not.

    1. I have thought maybe there was, as in seeing the programme that showed this, it became obvious to me one thing, the person ( s ? ) who did such, in this era, would be at minimum 55-70 years of age.. ( unless he \ she \ they, were 10 - 12 years young in doing the acts... now, who, in that age group, is there ??? ... and why, in true terms mentality, would the interviewer reporter, have scuh a problematic hyped up awe, towards the older man, who went on the hunt for the rest of the disapeared, yes, this indeed troublled me also.. it does beckon to question indeed, if there indeed were more than one applicator.. as for the attitudes of the in interviewed law enforcement agents, i personally think they were more too pleased to see themselves on the tv, do you also, not concur?? i mean, such a mentality for a chit chat smile time.. not exactly mentally right, in the directive scenario \ situation, i must decree.. too add, why the hell, in trueness, were all apparently dissapeared brased with the numb dumb people ( as surely must be in showing of their mentality and attitudes ) brased with " ahh , just runner children ??? ( adn that, from a police officer ) ??? ... & not forgetting, the children \ teenagers, found, dead, the following day ?? .. look, its rather obvious, they're either off their trolleys on dipsy la la mental trips driving around in police cars smiling, for the simple reasons at to drag a Caracas from the gutter the following day, right ??? ( hey, in trueness, if Im wrong, then what the hell the attitudes and mentality over the lost children for, as well, as the smiley smiley tv time ?? ... one more thing, they must know.. surely, what, middle to late age by now ?? 55-60+ minimum ?? .. simple detection in time age group, as i decree, no way a ten year old having such an ability, truly.. being the case, truth serum,, end of problem, and no, no decrees of not legality in one area to another or anything.. if one is right to ask, and gets a stupidity mentality answer from one whom is by sight simply a a person who puts out to be of and for safety, then surely, there something not right with that one, right??? .. no psychological anilisations, no time wasting, simple, if anyone of that age group can simply help themselves as to get totally drunk and ravet on, then simply, his or hers mentality is the same to yes for truth serum, there, the quick answer, and answers given, as i Decree... please do, if you can, re watch the programme, and watch for the offices reactions, so dumb, and so what the hell for a facial reply, as simply, its bloody serious ...

    2. It was a cop. My daughter and I just 'knew' since Laura Smither was found. Either an ex then or retired by now. cop. sorry.

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  14. personally I live in texas city not far from the killing fields it makes me fear after hearing this I noticed a comment about police not doing their job it's not that they can't it's the facts of evidence having to little or having contaminated evidence believe it or not they're plenty working on cold case files and honestly kudos to the women who escaped it prolly wasnt the kill free picked you up off the road! like lot lizards are and was hoping you would have fun with him but you refused... however while your bragging about your story those victims are weeping hoping that their killer will soon ber brought to justice. dear God bless these babies and help them find peace.

    1. i truly believe that they have my dear, as simply, their blood cries for justice before the king as they stand with him.. and justice indeed, will prevail as judgement calls for blood spill, it is a law of God My dear.. let the families know and indeed have the right to know this and indeed themselves, be, at peace also.. where as, the applicator ( s), are indeed, under the judgement from all Above, until rectified. .. i will add, i am competely disgraced at the offices inteviewed, teh seemed simply more in awe and joy in being on tv.. as for the attitudes towards the children as runners, adn then the folllopwing day found dead, so close ??? .. in the name of God's Son, I demand them, tried, questioned under detectors including truth serum. especially those at the age group of late 50s on wards.. as for the following reporter towards the older gentleman who went out ech day to help others, he himself i question, to much in his oddassity to even breathe, let alone that, of make up on & that of his decree towards the old man who placed the cross in the field.. no reason for his face showing, most certainly not of his 2 bits of detection towards reason for the older man to live for others and his, slain daughter aye.. or is that, the normal mentality way of the area i ask, and hope not, as indeed after seeing again the programme from many years ago, it still sickened me to see the facts that the police officers were more bothered to look and have a giggle based on being on the camera that actually caring for the lost and found dead the next day, runners. and indeed, I do demand, that they, be questioned under truth serum.. afteral why would they refuse?? would it not therefore clarify to the world that indeed they, wernt part of something ?? .the whose scene is a disaster with frankly all questions and no realistic reasons reasoning's or answers, so questionably, what the hell is going on ??? Because simply, this is total bs dear, the reactions, attitudes and replying mannerism, its just, frankly, not exactly right, somehow. .. were there know, rapes and molestation as a general shouts against in the area ?? ... Some people know my dear, this, i sense, no way can some, not.. its just not bearing right my dear, either way.

  15. They just arrested a guy named Clyde Hedrick, fits the description. He is charged with killing Helen Beason, strangled.

  16. I grew up in Pasadena. I lived in Galveston as a young adult. I have been up and down I-45 so many times it is unbelievable. I don't recall ever hearing that part of the highway called the killing fields. I am not young either, 40. I do remember some of the girls missing though. It is so strange to think about this. To find out all of this has happened and knowing you could have easily been one of the girls that was taken.


    Why put a photo in the middle of the text with not only no explanation, but without even acknowledging it's existence? WTF coldcaseusa?

  18. Yeah, the picture in the middle of everything without an explanation was bothering me, too. It's a picture of Edward Bell, a guy who is serving a 70 year sentenced for murder in TX and has claimed to have killed 11 girls in the late 70's, whether these are any of the same murders, I don't know. I don't know if his claims are true as he has not been tried and convicted of any of them.

  19. there was actually someone caught and convicted of the murder of Krystal Jean Baker. His name was Kevin Edison Smith he was tied to her murder years after when they found DNA on the dress she was wearing when they put it in the data base his was in there. As for the picture in the middle I believe that is the father of one of the girls found dead I could be wrong though.

  20. Oh wow yeah not a father ......

  21. I remember reading about it when I lived in Houston in the 90's. There was speculation then that the I-45 Killer could be as many as three different serial killers. Given the long time range that this case covers, it would seem reasonable to think that there very well could be more than one.

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  23. I know no one has posted on this site in a while but I think my bio father may have had something to do with the Texas Killing fields. my mother was almost killed by 3 men in Houston in October of 1978. please see my youtube vlog for more info... thanks!

  24. Late entry here. The man in the photo is Edward Harold Bell. He's in prison and has confessed to the first 11 murders. He was partners in a surf shop where several of the victims hung out. His residence at the time was pretty much in the middle of everything. He's a registered sex offender and is in prison for murdering Larry Dickens in '78.

    Of course, since a man named Michael Self was already in prison for murdering Sharon Shaw and Rhonda Johnson (two victims that Bell names as his own) the state hasn't moved on Bell because they'd have to expose their joke of a conviction against Self (confession under duress).

  25. I remember hearing about this in the 2000's this is very sad these ladies where young. Did they actually catch all of them? If not im sure they are dead by now

  26. Hi everyone, as you know I am the author of "My Look Into The Texas Killing Fields". I've been working on it for two years. I've written and got a confession along with some details from Mark Stallings. He confessed to one girl in the fields and two girls in Fort Bend County. I've also received letters from Ed Bell (pictured above) and Brandon Lavergne. There are details that I cannot put on the blog which I hope you understand.
    There were two guys involved with the killing fields. Yes there were other killers running around out there. A couple if the letters are cryptic and throw subtle hints.
    Please note that there is a guy named Mike Ferguson and his girlfriend Jenna who are claiming to work on this, but they are trying to get info from people who are sincerely working on this and using it for their own personal gain, please steer clear of them.

    1. Hi Jim, are you talking about the same Brandon Lavergne that killed Mickey Shunick? I live close to where that all happened. I'm anxious to read your book.

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