Monday, October 10, 2011


THEY SUSPECTED him at the time, but when Melvin Parker's wife and the chief witness against him went into hiding, the case collapsed.
Fast forward 17-years and cops reopen the case of Dorothy Paige, who in August 1994 was found brutally stabbed and strangled in her Madison, WI, apartment.
And the cold case detectives immediately focus in on Melvin Parker, now 48, who just five years after Paige's murder was jailed on child abuse and burglary convictions.
He had been charged with murder in 1998, but that charge was dismissed after a key witness, Parker's wife Michele went into hiding, claiming that police were bending her story to make it fit their case. 
But it was the discovery that a witness who corroborated Michele Parker had lied to the original case detective, that finally cracked it for them.
So with little choice Parker ended with a no contest plea to first-degree reckless homicide. 
Assistant DA Brian Asmus told The State Journal: "This has been a long time coming for family members of Dorothy Paige, to finally have someone held accountable."
Paige's mother, Doris Koecher did not attend the hearing but said in a victim impact statement written by Amy Olson that Paige's death has been "a living hell" that has left her deeply depressed and withdrawn from the community.
She wrote: "I see no reason to give this person any type of leniency. Doris has expressed to me that if there is a possibility of the death penalty, that would be nice."


  1. Finally, justice served.
    Life in prison would have been more appropriate.
    Such an unflattering picture of Dorothy, looks like she was a victim of a beating...

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  2. That looks like a mug shot, after he beat her ass. Pitiful. Why these white females think these black thugs will treat them with respect is beyond me, they don't treat anyone with respect.

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  4. Hate to say but thats my dad.WTF he was thinking

    1. Did Idk what to believe we wasn't there...and only a couple ppl know the truth for real and just cause of what people THINK he is that's reason enough for the police to listen to a blind drunk that seen everything...i done seen people be convicted off bullshit hearsay and no real evidence

  5. Who knows the truth...what is everybody going off he say she say...his wife said the police made her story to for they case is why she left...everybody so quick to listen to the papers n internet n news when it fits them but wont look up history to empower each other or learn sekf worth from knowing where you come from...i grew up w the man and he was crazy like others but not insane...possibility he couldve changed drmamastically fucking with this white mans world and with what they put in on our minds and system...if I'm wrong I'm wrong but everybody jail mug looks like a thug.. doesn't mean he a thug