Wednesday, October 19, 2011


THE MYSTERY surrounding the Philadelphia house of horrors deepened yesterday when a missing Florida teen was found with the group. 
Benita Rodriguez, 15, disappeared from her West Palm Beach home in July, but according to authorities, she was not kept in the squalid basement, but with the three suspects in the case. 
In the extraordinary twist on the story, it emerged she had become friends with one of the suspects sons, Gregory Thomas, when the group lived until earlier this month.    
Her mom, who did not wish to be identified said: "The same day that my daughter came up missing, the next day when we went there, they were gone."
Details surrounding her connection to the case are sketchy and police are not yet sure how much she knew about the 'house of horrors'.
In the meantime two more victims have identified themselves along with Herbert Knowles, which our sister site Crime Scene USA revealed yesterday. 
Tamara Breeden, was 29, when she vanished six-years ago and with no sign of her Philly cops closed the case last year. 
She told KYW  that she had been beaten by her accused captors, Linda Ann Weston, 51, Thomas Gregory, 47, and Eddie Wright, 49, who cops believe held them captive so they could cash their disability checks.
While another victim Derwin McLemire, 41, another victim, had a more direct message for them, saying: "That was real dirty of you. That was wrong."
He added that when he tried and failed to escaped from Weston's home: "they got me."
Mr McLemire had forgotten what day it was after being held captive for so long saying: "I got a birthday coming up Friday and I didn’t even know it was coming up."
All three victims, who are believed to have a mental age of 10, are now being looked after in a supervised care home.    
Their captors meanwhile are holed up in the big house, charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and related offenses.

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