Monday, October 17, 2011


THEY walked up to her in a crowded park and executed her in broad daylight, yet shamefully, despite a huge number of potential witnesses no one came forward to help cops with their investigation.
But despite a lack of information, cops persisted, determined to find out who whacked Troya Sheckles and earlier this week that paid off, with the arrests of Steven Pettway and DeJuan Hammond for the 2009 murder.
At the time she was killed, Sheckles was scheduled to testify against Dejuan's brother Lloyd Hammond who is charged with murdering her boyfriend.
Cops say after murdering her they went on to kill again as they has been in jail since June for shooting a woman in the head while breaking into her home.
Louisville Metro Police Lt Barry Wilkerson said it's a sign of just how dangerous these men are, adding that Pettway had been a juvenile at the time of the murder, which is why it had taken time to get an indictment.  
He told Wave 3: "That's why the detectives were very persistent in trying to get enough info to get these individuals off the street."
He added that Sheckles'  family have been waiting patiently for this day.
One relative told the station: "They cut a beautiful, vibrant woman's life short." 
Cops added that they are going to do what they can to bring them justice, while maintaining that they are still interviewing people involved and there could be even more arrests.

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