Tuesday, October 11, 2011


COPS in New Mexico are searching for up to 40 bodies after a killer boasted his tally was sky high. And they've reopened the case of Jill Troia, 22, who disappeared in 1995 and is suspected to be a victim of David Parker Ray. It's believed Parker Ray dumped bodies near the Elephant Butte Reservoir and caves. Troia vanished in 1995.
According to Fox News: Ray wrote detailed accounts of sexual tortures and burials of victims, including one he described as an Asian woman -- a description that fits Troia. But authorities have said it's unclear if his writings were fantasies or actual crimes he committed.
He was arrested in 1999 after a naked woman wearing just a dog collar and a chain fled his house of horrors. She had been tortured by Ray and inside his house--that he called his "toy box"-- they found his surgical tools and video cameras. He was initially charged with 37 counts involving three women -- the woman who fled naked, a Colorado woman who was tortured in 1996 and another woman.
In 2001, Ray was convicted of kidnapping and torturing the Colorado woman, and he pleaded guilty to kidnapping and rape charges in the case of the woman who fled naked. He died in prison in 2002. No bodies have ever been located after a number of searches in the area around the reservoir.
Troia was last seen in October 1995 at the Frontier Restaurant with another woman--Ray's daughter Glenda Jean, who she had been dating in a lesbian relationship. She was later reported missing
Detectives have long believed the Glenda and her dad were linked to the disappearance. She was jailed on a kidnapping beef while Ray's girlfriend, Cynthia Lea Hendy, got hit with 36 years.


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