Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A VICIOUS boyfriend who brutally battered his pregnant girlfriend to death has been brought to justice 34-years after the murder.
Back in 1974 Mary Irene Gency was just 16, when her nude, frozen body was found near the Sportsman's club in North Charleroi, PA, with multiple skull fractures inflicted by heavy object.
But it was only recent advances in DNA technology that allowed them to analyze samples found at the scene that led cops to her killers - her boyfriend of the time Robert Unwin Jr and his best pal David Davioli, both 54.
Davioli, who cops suspected at the time, but had to release through lack of evidence told cops that on the night of the murder the three of them were smoking marijuana.
Then both of them had sex with Gency.
He testified that Mr. Urwin grabbed a tool from the trunk of Mr. Davoli's car and began beating Ms. Gency in the head, before both of them left her for dead.
According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette he added that he kept silent for 34 years because he feared for his safety and that of his family.
His testimony was part of a deal he struck with the prosecution in which he pleaded guilty to hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence and the prosecution will recommend he receive a two- to four-year sentence.
Unwin meanwhile, will be sentenced at a later date.


  1. Lets be real here. The man is a liar. He did not come forward because she was murdered, he was involved in it, and his future was imprisonment.

  2. Okay so y'all probably wont believe me but Bobby Urwin has a daughter named Brooke and she was one of my best friends. I lived in Charleroi for 5 years because my dad, Scott Abbey moved my brother, sister and me (Kori) when I was 10. My father passed away unfortunately and you can Google his obituary if you don't believe me but anyway I knew Brooke and her family for so long and when I found out what her father had done it tore me apart inside because just thinking about all the times I had stayed the night at her house and Mary Gencys murderer was right there!!

  3. Urwin is innocent. I know the real killer. He confessed to me in 1980 when he was drunk. I was 15 and he lured me in his truck to smoke pot. I went to lead investigator. The murderer is neither Urwin or Davoli. It is a man that not only killed Mary Irene Gency but also the other women at that time.

  4. I am going to FBI if someone will not listen to me or contact me soon. And there was more than 2 DNA's found on her clothing. Making a deal and putting an innocent man in prison for life is crazy. There is a killer on the loose. I know who he is. And another mans life is wasting in prison. And this poor girl still has not had justice. I live in Charleroi. I have only lived here 8 years. How ironic I landed in this town 30 years after this crime.