Tuesday, October 4, 2011


FOR 21 years a killer has gone unpunished. On Saturday, August 4, 1990, after spending the night with a friend, Heidi Seeman, 11, was walking home when she was snatched off the street. Her friend, who had walked her halfway home, last saw Heidi at Stahl Rd. and Willow Run, on San Antonio's Northeast side.
A witness in this case described a shiny red car, with tinted windows and a thin red stripe down the side, seen driving in the neighborhood in a suspicious manner, just prior to Heidi Seeman being abducted.
On Saturday, August 25, 1990, the decomposed remains of Heidi Seeman were discovered in an isolated property in Hays County, Texas. She had been murdered.
Over the years several leads have been investigated and suspects developed, but not enough evidence has been found for police to file a case against anyone.

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