Tuesday, October 4, 2011


THE DEFENSE has thrown a bombshell witness into the Detroit Comic Book Cold Case murder. Former comic book store owner Michael George, now 51, is on trial for murdering his wife in their suburban comic store in the summer of 1990. George killed his "overweight" wife because he was unhappy in their marriage and wanted the insurance money and his own Wonder Woman. He wanted to open a chain of comic book stores across the country with his loot. The defense contends the murder stemmed from a robbery. And Douglas Kenyon, 15 at the time of the murder, may be their ticket. He told court yesterday he noticed something odd about an "evasive" man standing in
the back corner of comic book store the day Barbara George was murdered. The guy had a "skinny build" wearing jeans, a hoodie and baseball cap — odd attire for the 90-degree day.
He said: "He was all the way in the back corner, as if he didn't want anyone to see him. He kept looking over his shoulders even as we were leaving the store."
Barbara George, rang up Kenyon's purchase and he left. Within 30 minutes George was dead with a bullet in her head in the backroom. MORE IN THE DETROIT NEWS

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