Wednesday, October 12, 2011


THE TWISTED "Toy Box Killer" may never have been caught because he buried his victims in concrete, it was revealed yesterday. 
As we reported here, David Parker Ray, repeatedly bragged about torturing and killing over 40 women in his 20ft white trailer which he called the "toy box" including Air Force worker Jill Troia, who vanished 16-years ago.
But although he was jailed for the sexual torture of three women, Ray who died in prison in 2002, was never convicted of murder.
But thanks to a tipster, cops have reopened the case and re-sweeping the Elephant Butte lake near Ray's home. 
The man who did not wish to be named told KRQE that the bodies may never have been found because the victims were encased in concrete.
He said Ray often hired him to pour concrete into large tires during the 1990's, which he told him he used them to anchor the marina down.
He explained: “I would go up to like an empty lot above the state parks area that was surrounded by concrete and cinderblock walls, where nobody could actually see in there."
He added that he always met him alone and insisted he stay in the truck when pouring the concrete.
He said: “You can definitely hide a body in one of them."
An FBI agent said encasing bodies in concrete at the bottom of the lake was a definite possibility, but added that they believe he may have used different ways to dispose of the bodies.
Frank Fisher said: “Something is a little suspicious when a person does not let somebody walk around or look around the area."
“Even in his own writings he would suggest ways to dispose of bodies, for instance to put them in areas where he knew they were going to pave roads."

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