Monday, October 10, 2011


WHO KILLED Leslie Long in Palmdale, California in 1978. Cops know this: it was a brutal rape, kidnapping murder they thought they had solved. Leslie, 20, and a mom of three was snatched from a Chevron station where she worked overnights. Her body was found three days later. It was believed two escaped convicts committed the heinous crime but because they were safely on ice, the case was not prosecuted. Now, new technology has shockingly cleared the two men and cops have to start again at the beginning.
Sgt. Brian Schoonmaker told the LA Daily News: "We are back to, basically, square one."
The Board of Supervisors last week authorized a $20,000 reward for information identifying the killers, adding to the $5,000 already offered by Chevron and
$1,000 from the city of Palmdale.

Karen Long, 36, Leslie's daughter hopes someone will help crack the horrific crime. She said: "I realize how slim the chances are but I'm a God-believing person and I know he can do that and make that happen." MORE ON THE LESLIE LONG MYSTERY

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