Saturday, October 22, 2011


A FUGITIVE murder suspect who allegedly stabbed a man to death after a vicious 1980 nightclub brawl, before going on the run, has been busted for murder.
Miguel Frias was partying with pals in north Houston, when a fight broke out between his pals and another group in a nightclub.
As it spilled out into the car park Epifaneo Jaimes Arroyo and his brother followed him down the road where they were observed beating and stabbing him, according to the DA's office.
But he vanished before cops could catch up with him, until DA investigator Chuck Lowery began looking at the acse again earlier this year.     

He eventually found the accused killer in Georgia and now they are seeking to extradite him back to Texas to face justice.
Harris County DA Pat Lykos told the Houston Chronicle: "Dangerous felons have evaded authorities for years, but they don't know about our secret weapon - investigator Chuck Lowery.
"He has been tracking down people who have avoided capture for decades and returning them to face justice. If you are a fugitive from Harris County, you might as well surrender now."

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