Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A MISSING missionary who was on her way to Mexico when she vanished continues to baffle authorities almost 20-years since she vanished. 
Dedicated Jennifer Lynn Pentilla, was just 18-years-old when she decided to meet a missionary group in Las Cruces, NM and help the poor, before heading south of the border. 
Armed with a backpack and a couple of bibles, she planned to ride down on her mountain bike from San Diego and called in with mom eight times to report her progress. 
But on October 17, she changed her plans, telling her mother that she'd heard that a woman traveling alone in Mexico could be dangerous and she'd decided to go and meet a pal in Minnesota instead.  
Her mom offered to pay for her transport there after she made more concrete plans, and Pentilla agreed to call her back that evening. 
But she never called back, never arrived at the friend's home and has not been heard from again. 
About a year later, on September 4, 1992, two dove hunters found Pentilla's camping equipment and journal under a tarp in a remote area between Hatch and Deming off of State Road 26, about 46 miles northeast of Deming.
But despite a large investigation by the Missoula Police Department and a large amount of national news coverage no information has surfaced.

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