Sunday, October 23, 2011


DANCE teacher Donna Cannaday never would have left her house without her shoes. And the doors were open. Money was left behind. On Oct. 19 1989, the 22-year-old beauty disappeared--but on ly for a short time. Hours later  her brother, fiance and a pal found her dumped in an irrigation ditch in a soybean field not far from the Chesapeake Regional Airport. She had been shot in the head and for 22 years her file has gathered dust. Det. Ronnie Young feels the mystery can be solved with new leads and technology.
He said: “I’ve got good guts on this, and these people agreed. My suspect pool has definitely narrowed."
But the one question that has nagged detectives for two decades is this: why?
Robbery has never been considered a motive since nothing was taken from her person or her house. There was no evidence of sexual assualt.

Young added: “Nothing appeared to be disturbed in the house. There didn’t appear to be any signs of struggle in the house.” MORE ON DONNA CANNADAY COLD CASE

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