Friday, October 28, 2011


NO ONE will ever know for sure who murdered Mary Constance Evans on her 15th birthday--Oct. 24, 1964. The main suspect is dead but a private eye says the riddle is solved. Connie Evans vanished after leaving her West Goshen Township home on a two-mile walk to West Chester, Pennsylvania. The search dragged on for weeks with hundreds of volunteers scouring the area. Five weeks later her body was found in a shallow grave sending chills throughout the area. As cops beat the bushes for an arrest, the days dragged on, then years. The file grew to a staggering 2000 pages. Eileen Auch Law was just 11 when Evans was murdered and the case was hammered into her conscience. Eventually, inspired in part by the mystery, she became a private detective. And she thinks she knows who murdered Connie Evans in 1964. CONNIE EVANS MURDER MYSTERY


  1. I was 6 years old and always think about Connie. The terrible news in and around West Chester at the time was all about her. My parents made it a mandatory rule to stay within our street area. Rest in peace Ms Evans.

  2. I was eight years Old when Connie disappeared. She was dating my brother at the time. I remember he was going to ask her to go steady and he had a ring for her and he was going to meet her halfway walking from in town at Westchester and to meet her halfway when she was coming from West Goshen Township. But he made it all the way to her house and they never met up that day. It was a horrible time I remember her well she was always so sweet and she was beautiful. I pray for her and for her mother who suffered horribly. I truly wish there was a way they could find out who did this to her.

  3. I went to St. Agnes with Connie and we were good friends. She was very sweet, kind and everyone liked Connie. She had huge brown eyes and a big, beautiful smile. The day she disappeared, her birthday, was also my brother's birthday. We planned to meet at Bishop Shanahan's Sunday night dance, with a group of friends and celebrate. By church on Sunday morning, the news had spread that Connie was missing. When I heard what happened, I knew right away that she never would have gotten into a stranger's vehicle. There were rumors about whose vehicle she got into and it made sense. I prefer not to say that here. I cannot believe that this case has never been solved. We still miss you, beautiful Connie!