Sunday, October 23, 2011


The ruthless killer of Leesa Jo Shaner, who was kidnapped from her car at Tuscon International Airport, violently murdered and left in a shallow grave 38 years ago, has finally been sentenced. William Zamastill was already serving a life sentence in a Wisconsin prison for kidnapping, raping and murdering a woman in that state in 1978. While in prison, he was also convicted in a 2003 killing of a brother and sister in Barstow, Ca. Zamastill had always been a suspect in Shaner’s death, but he slipped through the law’s fingers until authorities reopened the case in 2009 and discovered new evidence.
A judge on Thursday added another life term onto Zamastill’s sentence for kidnapping 22-year-old Shaner from her car in the parking lot of the airport.

Shaner had just given birth to a baby boy six weeks earlier. She was at the airport to meet her husband, an air force officer flying in from his base in Japan. Shaner’s father was an FBI agent who passed away in 2007. “He always had faith that the FBI would bring this to a conclusion and he was right,” said James Turgal Jr., special agent in charge for the Phoenix Division.

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