Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 FOR YEARS, Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's detectives tried to torpedo Robert Temple, 61, for the murder of his wife Rosemary Christensen, 44, in August 1999. But they were always missing the key piece.
 But in an interview with WFLA, Det. Jim Beining said it was Temple himself who did himself in. He was convicted July 31 and sentenced to life in prison. Beining said: "We knew he was the prime suspect all along."
The key for cops was  sealed plastic tub Temple used to bury Rosemary. But the plastic preserved the robe the dead woman was wearing--with stab wounds proving the only evidence of her fatal stab

For nine years Temple roamed America with gal pal Lesley Stewart in tow as cops continued their watch, waiting for a mistake because there was no body. But Stewart suddenly confessed the body was near the Suwannee River. Temple told cops at the time, Rosemary had run off with swingers she met on a website. He acted as his own attorney--normally a one-way ticket to jail.

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  1. Robert Temple you are as guilty as the sun is hot!!! You are a master manipulator, liar, cheat and a despicable human being! I only wish Rosemary could have seen through her rose colored glasses and see you for what you really are! Maybe she would still be alive today!