Friday, August 19, 2011


SHE WAS HOT. Stunning, cool, Simone Grebe was every man's dream in the dying days of flower power. In the fall of 1977, she arrived in the Philly suburb of Morrisville in a Ford Fairlane. No one quite knew how to take her. She was edgy, played chess and told stories. She was divorced. Lost a baby. battled cancer. Then, not six months after she arrived she was found murdered, stabbed to death in her apartment. It was February 1978.
But no one really knew the victim and theories on her murder flourished like weeds. She hung out with bikers, did drugs, was a rich girl. And now, all these years later cops still don't know the whos or whys of Simone Grebe's murder. One retired cop was blunt: "It was an exercise in futility--what can I say?"

Cops did learn this: she was about 30, born in England, grew up in Canada. After that...a series of conflicting stories. The one thing people interviewed at the time agreed on was that while Grebe was sexy, she wasn't very nice. She treated others like they were "stupid" and "that she could do anything better than you."
Detectives believe that whoever murdered her knew their way around a crime scene. her apartment was spotless, devoid of clues even though she had been ripped open with knives. But no blood.

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