Monday, August 8, 2011


IT WAS a sickening find. On June 13, 1973 San Diego Police discovered the dismembered body of a young woman underneath a pier. Her body had been dismembered and placed into an orange suitcase and several green plastic garbage bags. The  suitcase contained the woman's torso and arms wrapped in a green plastic bag. Another bag found in the water beneath the Embarcadero boardwalk held her head and police divers said they found two legs floating 100 yards apart in the bay.
The victim of this sinister crime has never been identified--nor has the killer. The reason is also lost to the ages. She was white, in her late teens or early 20s, 5'1 and about 150 lbs. She had black medium length hair, perfect teeth was likely of Italian or Portuguese background. Cops say there was a ½“ birthmark on her left outer thigh, similar to a mole.  There were also two smallpox-type vaccination marks on her right shoulder and possibly a small round scar on her left cheek. Although the woman’s remains were found in San Diego, cops thought she might have been from the Los Angeles area. At the time there were at least half a dozen other dismemberment murders in sunny southern California but cops pooh-poohed any link. If you have any information call the San Diego Police Dept. homicide unit.

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