Monday, August 22, 2011


HE MUST have thought that after more than three decades they had got away with the vicious murder of security guard Rachel Moncrief.
But now thanks to improvements in DNA technology, cops have arrested David Dixon, now 61, in connection with the 1979 killing which saw her stabbed more than 30 times.
It is the third result for the recently reopened cold case unit at the Santa Clara County district attorney's office who did DNA testing of blood on the victim's clothing and a marijuana cigarette.
The cold case leader Ted Kajani said: "When the lab found that blood stain, obtained a DNA profile, they uploaded it into the system and got a hit."
He added that DNA for both Dixon and the victim was also found on the marijuana cigarette. 
The prosecutor says Dixon's recent stroke will not have any bearing on proceeding with the 32-year-old case.
Deputy DA Angela Bernhard told KTVU: "This is what happens with these older cases is you have older defendants, but we still think it's very important for us to handle this case as we would any other case."
She added that Dixon's DNA was already in a criminal database because felons are required to provide samples, but no one is talking about his past history.
Anyone with information about the Dixon case is asked to call Santa Clara Police Detective Ken Henderson at (408) 615-4812 or Detective Dave Tanquary at (408) 615-4821. 

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