Friday, August 19, 2011


THE HUNT for Eileen Adams' killer took decades. Cops chased hundreds of tips, interviewed scores of suspects and always, maddeningly came up empty. Adams, 14, disappeared on December 18, 1967 and her body was discovered in a field in January 1968.
Now, Robert Bowman, 75, is on trial in Toledo for the sickening sex slaying of the pretty schoolgirl. Cold case Det. Bart Beavers testified that only one person has ever linked anyone to Eileen's cruel killing: Bowman's ex-wife Margaret.
Beavers reopened the case in 2006 and testified (he was the last prosecution witness) he reviewed
hundreds of pages of police reports. And he also looked up Margaret, who came forward in 1981. DNA tests were ordered on Eileen's clothes--including a semen stain on her underwear. Semen that belonged to Bowman. And he described his interviews with Bowman once he finally tracked him down. Bowman told the cop of the semen: "That doesn't mean I killed her" and then proceeded to say the underwear belonged to his wife. The Toldeo Blade Beavers testified that "Bowman spoke of evil and vampires, and even referred to himself as "the devil to the devil."" That's about right. Good job Detective.

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