Tuesday, August 23, 2011


FOR over a quarter of a century the death of John Mayerchak has remained a mystery. Found dead from a shotgun blast to the face in his Northampton, PA apartment, the jolly 51-year-old's murder baffled detectives for more than 26-years. With seemingly no enemies, no links to organized crime and no signs of forced entry at his home, authorities suspected the divorcee who liked women was killed by one of several he was known to consort with.
But with little to go on, the case quickly went cold.
Now however, Lucinda A. Andrews, 56, has admitted to the killing, just 12-days before the 26th anniversary of his death.
In court Monday, according to the Allentown Morning Call the now gray and bent woman offered just a hint of an explanation for what defense attorney Robert Sletvold called a "horrible incident."
She said: "John was a good man. He was a friend of mine.. I don't know why he turned on me that day, because that's what happened."
She added: "I still hurt from it. I still grieve from it. I've been tortured and tormented from it."
Cops had already linked her to crime after her DNA was found in cigarette butts in Mayerchak's car, and Victoria Emmons, who gave her a lift to Philadelphia after the slaying, told the grand jury that Andrews admitted the crime to her.
She will now serve 10 to 20 years in state prison for the 1985 murder - the maximum that the law at the time allowed.
James Mayerchak, the victim's son, said he had been shown Andrews' mug shot 26 years ago by police, and knew she was the one who had done it.
He said he asked God to give him strength to forgive Andrews, and has managed to.

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