Sunday, August 21, 2011


AUSTIN Powers star Joe Son is set to stand trial for the vicious 1990 kidnap and rape of a woman.
The pint sized actor who made his name playing shoe throwing bad guy, Random Task has turned into a real bad guy after his DNA was matched to the vicious crime.
On Christmas Eve of 1990 the 20-year-old woman was abducted off the LA street by two men, who reportedly then subjected her to a vicious beating.
Then holding her at gunpoint, they repeatedly raped her, telling her her she was going to die as they counted the bullets in front of her, according to Orange County prosecutors.
Astonishingly they let her go and Son managed to evade justice, building a career, first as an MMA fighter and then hitting stardom in Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.But after he was arrested in 2008 and imprisoned in 2008 for violating his parole on an unrelated felony vandalism conviction, his DNA was entered into the Codicis National Database and he was linked to the attack more then two decades ago.   
Son initially was charged with multiple sexual assault and kidnapping counts, but many of those charges were dropped in part because the statute of limitations had expired KTLA reports.
He now faces trial on two charges: conspiracy to commit murder and torture, which carry life terms in prison upon conviction, according to Deputy District Attorney Eric Scarbrough.
Santiago Gaitan, 40, Son's co-defendant, was arrested in 2009 after he, too, was linked to the assault.
He pleaded guilty to multiple sex crimes in January 2011, and was sentenced to prison for 17 years and four months.

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