Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It is now six years since Gilbert, Arizona mom Stacy Ann Aragon vanished. Aragon, 33, the diminutive mother-of-three was last seen at a family member’s home in Gilbert with her boyfriend Stephen Bishop July 20, 2005. The circumstances of Aragon’s disappearance have baffled cops, with one local detective saying “she literally disappeared into thin air.”
Cops did discover Aragon’s missing green Subaru, but soon after, the leads dried up. The past six years have been torturous for Aragon’s family who, more than anything, just want closure at this point. Stacy’s sister-in-law Nikki Askren speaks of the unending grief that Stacy’s disappearance has caused the family: "Her sons
need to know that their mom didn’t just walk out and leave them.
“It's not even a matter of justice anymore we just want to get her home and buried and have a memorial service and a place where her family can grieve,” Askren said.
If you have any information that may help, please call Gilbert Police Department at 480-503-6500

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