Sunday, August 7, 2011


CALIFORNIA cops have identified the skeletal remains of a wild young woman murdered in May 1946 and her remains dumped in the desert. The bones were found near Baker and have been confirmed as Betty Walraven who had been murdered 65 years ago. Her great nephew Shawne Walraven said his aunt was 25 at the time she was slain (the bones were found in 1971 but remained unidentified.) Detectives have long believed they belonged to the raven-haired beauty. Shawne Walraven told Reuters that a man convicted in another murder confessed in the 1950s that a female companion had shot his great-aunt in the back of the head.
The suspect--who served time on California's death row at San Quentin-- told detectives he helped the woman dispose of Betty Walraven's body in the desert.
But it wasn't until 2005 when a San Bernardino County coroner's investigator decided to close the case things began to happen. He took DNA fvor Walraven's family and then it took 6 years to confirm.

 Shawne said:"It's an amazing story. When you sit down and hear it from beginning to end, it reads like a good novel that just ends without telling you what happened -- or why it happened anyway."
Cops still don't why his great aunt was murdered but may likely be connected to a $10,000 war bond that Betty Walraven's brother says she stole from their parents before disappearing from Texas in 1942. She was reported missing the following year and may have been involved in an affair while hubby was overseas.
Shawne said: "She doesn't seem like the most upright of citizens."

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