Saturday, August 20, 2011


THE FATE of Robert Bowman will be determined Monday. That's when the prosecution and defense present their final arguments in the case of the 75-year-old accused killer. The old creep is charged with first-degree murder in the 1967 sex strangling of Eileen Adams in Toledo. The 14-year-old was last seen a week before Christmas on a city bus. Her body was found in January 1968 in a field in rural Michigan. Her hands were tied in front of her and her ankles were bound with a cord that attached to her neck. From the back of her shattered skull protruded a nail.
The defense called just one witness Friday: Julie Heinig, who works at a private DNA lab. She testified in
festival of smoke and mirrors that maybe...could be...maybe not...on the evidence. 
DNA was found on the Eileen's clothing in 2006 after cold case detectives reopened the long unsolved case. Bowman had long been a suspect particularly after his ex-wife went to cops and told them she saw Eileen chained to a wall naked in their home. MORE IN THE TOLEDO BLADE

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