Monday, August 8, 2011


HE tied her up, brutally beat and sexually assaulted her before leaving her for dead and taking her vehicle and leaving her for dead.
Amazingly Joseph T Savoy's victim survived, but for the last 17-years she has been looking over her shoulder as her attacker evaded justice.
But now thanks a DNA match Joseph T. Savoy can no longer avoid justice, thanks to the cold case work of Lt Dwain Grimmett, who reexamined the case.
Back in 1994 his victim gave a detailed description of her attacker, but despite a massive police manhunt, he was never caught.
With DNA technology considerable better now than it was, Savoy, who was already in jail for a very similar offense was caught for his vicious attack. 
That combined with the courageous testimony from his victim, meant that he was found guilty of  Aggravated Kidnapping and when he returns for sentencing this week he could receive an additional Life Sentence on top of the 60 year sentence he is currently serving.

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