Wednesday, August 10, 2011


THE MURDERS sent shock waves and chills through Idaho. In 1978, Patricia Campbell, 15, left, and Tina Anderson, 12, right, vanished from a crowded Pioneer Day picnic. Their bodies were dumped in Onieda County. Now, 33 years later Sheriff Jeff Semrad thinks he knows who the killer is. But the copper is stalled and is counting on help from the famed Vidocq Society--a group of forensic pros who help solve cold cases--to drive the nails into the monster's coffin. Semrad said: "We're hoping they will see some things that will help and would be the icing on the cake for us."
The girls' bodies were found in a gorge in 1981 with
.22 caliber bullet casings. Two years later another skull was found not far from where the girls were discovered. Was this a serial killer's dumping ground? It's believed the murders are related. The sheriff believes the killer was known to the girls, that they willingly left the picnic, and that they were shot to death. Investigators have a large amount of the victims' hair, and Semrad is searching for a forensic laboratory that can sort through the fibers to see if any of them belong to potential suspects. That evidence could be used to show contact with the victims, he said.

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