Monday, August 15, 2011


FRIENDS and co-workers describe Eric Keller as the nicest guy you could care to meet. Keller, from San Jose, California, had worked his way to the top at one of Silicon Valley’s top IT companies, and was an active guy with a passion for adventure. Keller set out on a day trip to Lake Tahoe January 9, 2009 to indulge in his love of the great outdoors. It was an indulgence, however, that would tragically lead to his grisly demise.
When Keller didn’t return home that night, his wife Karen became concerned and raised the alarm. A team was deployed to search for Keller the following morning and they quickly discovered his 1998 blue Saab. This discovery helped narrow the search and Keller’s body was found early the next morning, January 11th, 1999.
Keller, at 5’10 and only 140 lbs., was likely no match for his assailant(s). Keller was beaten mercilessly and was unrecognizable when cops found his battered, half-naked body. He suffered numerous deep cuts, smashed ribs, as well as horrendous head and chest injuries. Cops described his death as a ‘torture murder’ with one detective describing it as ‘the worst I’ve ever seen; it looked like someone had literally stomped him to death.’
If you have any information in regards to the Vacaville case please contact the Vacaville Police Department: Detective Don Waller (707) 449-5215 Anonymous Tip Hotline: (707) 449-5267

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