Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A MONSTER nabbed after 20 years for the murder of Kristen Sumstad, 13, has walked out of jail free thanks to a loophole. Dedicated Seattle cold case detectives arrested John Athan 20 years after the 1982 murder by tricking him into licking an envelope. DNA sealed the deal for the monster.
But wait...the judge sentenced Athan to a laughable 10 years in jail. He has served ONLY seven years in jail. Kristen's best friend Kim Alguard said: "I don't know anybody in the community or who knew Kristen that thinks seven years is fair. But we did what we could."
The nutjobs on the parole board said:"Mr. Athan has
demonstrated he wants again to be a contributing member of society."
Meanwhile, Alguard thanked the cold case squad and lab workers for finding the DNA match that put Athan in prison. She said: "It's time for the anger to end. I just want to hear him say 'I did it and I'm sorry.' "
Athan, now 43-years-old, was 14 when he murdered his neighbor, Kristen Sumstad and left her body in a box behind a TV store in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. 'I WANT TO HEAR HIM SAY 'IM SORRY'"


  1. I am shocked that this bad seed has served so little time for his monstrous act. I have seen cases of robbery receive more time. What unqualified idiot or idiots were allowed to make this outrageous decision. That little girl was brutally murdered. After seeing the way her body was left and watching him at his trial as he was hostile with no remorse I believe he is capable of reoffending. Whatever happened to basing the ability of parole upon the offender admitting to the crime and showing remorse. Again this parole board must have been absolute idiots and if he does reoffend they should be held responsible. I only hope that throughout his life wherever he lives his neighbors will be aware of his past and that he will someday be fairly judged.

  2. I read somewhere else that his father knew about it and actually told him to hide the body. They should be pressing charges against him as well. His family moved him away because everyone knew he did it. Scumbags. Same thing happened with the person responsible for the murders of Andis Peterson and Franklin Woods. He set up his own friends to get robbed and they ended up getting killed. His family moved him away to protect him.