Saturday, August 20, 2011


THE BIRTHDAY will never be forgotten. Velda Leyba was on her way to daughter Isabel Candelaria's birthday party. It was Dec. 6, 1992. But young mom never made. In the 20 years since, no one has heard from her. Did she meet with foul play or did she die in the raging blizzard howling at the time? Now, her case has been dusted off and cops in Albuquerque are taking another look.
Isabel said her mom called to let her know she was leaving: "It was not in my mom's nature to not be with me. We were very close so I knew when she didn't show up that something was wrong. They (Police) told me I had to wait a 24 hour period before they could report her missing."
Cops largely ignored the case until her Chrysler LeBaron turned up three months later. The car contained her personal items. Sources told cops the
killer's name but he could not be linked to the disappearance. And everyone was afraid of the unnamed monster.

Investigators think they have a pretty good chance of solving this 20 year old mystery. But, Leyba's family said they've have been let down before. Her family said she battled a drug addiction after the accidental death of her 9 year old daughter. Police don't know if drugs played a role in her disappearance.

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