Friday, August 12, 2011


IT WAS a vicious attack on a defenseless 74-year-old woman, who's body was found repeatedly stabbed on her kitchen floor.  
But now cops have arrested Samuel Edward Baker, 44, for the brutal slaying of Shellie Latham who's murder has been cold for more than two decades.
Cops say he was one of the original suspects for the attack but back then investigators didn't have enough evidence to charge him with the crime and the case went cold. 
Then in 2009, Detective Patrick Mullins re-opened the case and after reviewing some scientific evidence, he was confident that Baker committed the heinous crime.
But tracking down their suspect proved difficult after 22-years and it took cops a long time to locate their prime suspect.   
Sgt. Larry Berg told KXXV: "With the age factor, it's a little more difficult. But with the diligence, persistence and cooperation of multiple agencies, he was taken into custody without incident down in Buda, Texas."
"We take great pleasure in that we're able to tie up the loose ends and hopefully see justice done."
He added that authorities have yet to release any names, although police did say they've contacted Latham's family members, finally giving them closure.

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