Tuesday, August 9, 2011


LAPD detectives have arrested a former carnie in the brutal 1978 slaying of a high-flying business executive. Walter Randolph Peartree, 62, was busted at his home in Delaware, Ohio. He is accused of killing James Gentry, 52, on April 10, 1978. The Papermate executive was discovered stabbed to death at his home by a pal. And despite a big reward at the time, the
case quickly turned ice cold. The case was reviewed in 2010 for cops' new friend DNA evidence that could warm it up again. Last April, testing linked Peartree to the crime scene. It was confirmed he had been in Los Angeles in 1969 and he had also been in the victim's home.
Residential robbery was the motive and it was clear a struggle had ensued. Although, it appears Peartree was invited into the house. So long, Walter. MORE IN THE LA TIMES

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