Tuesday, August 16, 2011


IN AUGUST 1986, Jeremy Bright vanished from the Coos County (Oregon) Fair. He was never seen again and was just 14 when he vanished. But his family has never forgotten him and recently released 1,000 balloons in his honor. Standing 6'1", Jeremy had whopping size 13 shoes. It's a memory his mother Dianne Beatty cherishes. He had been in Coos Bay with his sister, visiting family when he left to pick her up at the county fair. His mom said at the time there was no amber alert and was assured he was just another teen who had run off. Jeremy will come home eventually, she was assured.
Twenty-five years later that has not been the case. When his sister S'Te Elmore realized her older brother
wasn't coming to get her at the fair, she didn't think that meant he would never return.
She said: "It's a struggle. You never want to give up hope. Twenty-five years later, we just want answers. Our main goal is to find Jeremy and to lay him to rest. Just to know that he's taken care of."
Now married with nine children, Elmore said she misses her brother and thinks of him all the time and how her children will never know him.
The family hasn't given up hope someone will come forward with information and crack open the cold case. A detective is still working the case, and Elmore has regular contact with the Coos County Sheriff's Office, she said. They believe his body is still somewhere in the county.
Beatty adds: "God will take care of justice for us. We want to heal, that's all."MORE IN THE COOS BAY WORLD

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