Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A CONVICTED  killer told a Chicago judge he plans to plead guilty to the long unsolved 1976 sex slaying of Darlene Sack, 28. Michael Whitney, now 58, told the judge: "I am going to plead guilty" adding he "didn't want" a public defender. Darlene Sack, a medical technician, was found stabbed 33 times in the boarding house where she lived. She had been raped. Whitney had long been eyed as the killer but there wasn't enough to put him away--except his own conscience. He is currently in prison for a 1982 homicide. But DNA testing is like an unwelcome blast from the past for a killer and that scientific noose slowly tightened around Whitney's
neck. He had also lived at the boarding house.

 Semen from Sack's bed was the magic bullet. In 1976, his terrified girlfriend gave him an alibi.
But the damning DNA evidence convinced her to change her tale.
She had seen and heard everything. The rape. The murder. The bloody knife being disposed.
Stack had been engaged to Dwight Omi, who died in 2004 at just 56. His brothers said he never got over her death. Omi never married and did not leave behind any children, according to Paul and Dan Omi.
Paul Omi said:  "It think it had quite an impact on my brother, he tried to get past it but a certain joy seemed to have left his life." KILLER CONFESSES TO '76 MURDER

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