Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 BAFFLING DISAPPEARANCE may have new hope. Randy Parscale was 10 when he vanished while on a hiking trip with his grandfather and two brothers in Peppersauce Canyon in Arizona on April 7, 1979. Randy wandered ahead of the rest of the group and was never seen again. An extensive search was launched but there was no trace of the boy. However, Pinal County Sheriff's Office detectives believe they may be on the verge of solving the case--but they need the public's help.

But there are some disturbing clues. One of the searchers was able to follow the child's footsteps to a dirt road where they suddenly stopped--as if the boy
had gotten into a vehicle.
 In addition, in 1985 a woman reported that she had found a dollar bill with the chilling phrase: "I'm alive in Phoienix, Ariz. Please help me. Randy Parscale." His case is considered a non-family abduction.
Cops were tight-lipped about why the case may suddenly be on the verge of being closed.
The Pinal County Sheriff's Office is requesting anyone with information about this case to contact PCSO Criminal Investigations Bureau at 520-866-5161 or Pinal County Silent Witness at 1-800-358-4636.

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